Become a Female Mind Controller

Female mind control – is it possible? Yes! We show you how.

This site is going to break down the topic of mind control and then specifically focus on it’s use on females – how it’s different and what makes it of interest. Be sure to take a good look around to read about the different aspects of mind control such as

  • Formal, state brainwashing
  • Personal brain control techniques for controlling one’s own mind
  • mind control for males
  • covert psychology in society
  • the female psychology in general
  • how to hack woman mind
  • Wife mind control and negotiating the small daily battles of marriage
  • Mind control PDF download and videos
  • Corporate mind control
  • Emotional manipulation

Female Mind Control 1 – YouTube
Video for female mind control

Most of the people visiting this site are looking for mind control techniques they can use to help get them lucky with women in a romantic sense. This comes from not getting any sex and not understanding why. To understand the thought process of women therefore is paramount to getting laid and this is the goal of almost all men so it’s really quite understandable and not as malicious as the phrase ‘mind control’ might make you think!

Become a Female Mind Controller

There are existing guides to this type of thing, such as the:

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And there are exisiting videos too. I’ve not seen this one but it seems to get ranked pretty well:

How control any female mind – The Female Mind Control System …
Video for female mind control

And I’ve read quite a few of them and have distilled here the core teachings of each, but suffice it to say they all tell you how to get any girl you want psychologically.

Warning – there is a fine line between understanding female psychology and and abusing or manipulating someone. Even if you had the knowledge and the skillset to take advantage of people, you must have the character beforehand not to be tempted at any time to do so. You will find in life that after you get over the initial rush to take and consume and conquer, the question of how you went about it will begin to weigh with more significance than the attainment in question. IF this is not apparent to you now then you will have to have the foresight to see that it is something that will reveal itself as you mature, and that you will not always think the same way as you do right now.

Controlling your own mind

Mind control can first be used on you –  see the quotes page for some inspiration from greats like the Buddha – and this can often be the area where you have the most control and the most effect in your deliberations, so seriously, start with oneself. Here’s a video on the topic:

10 Ways You Can Use Mind Control In Everyday Life – YouTube
Video for mind control

Actual mind control though electronic or robotic means is now also happening in real life – just see for yourself in this picture or visit our specific page about it.

File:Mind control gadget (6211473730).jpg

Controlling Women’s Minds with Emotions

I’m going to dive in to this subtopic right off the bat here because of all the elements of mind control theory, the history of nation states,big business using it and new technological advances, what most people will resonate most with is the use of emotional string-pulling to get people to act. This works on men and women of all ages.

Now, I’m not one to advocate this but it is certainly interesting. Women in particular seem to be better in my experience at controlling the emotional ground in a given situation. Perhaps this didn’t used to be the case when men could physically dominate women and so women would be scared in to conformity but these days it seems they have a freer hand and since they cannot physically dominate men and veryrarely get in to physical confrontations with women either, their emotional manipulation toolkit is in more use than ever. Shows like The Real Housewifes women love to watch, but all they do is ‘fight’ with each other without trading blows. This is a very political and subtle game where there is an element of sociology in play but it’s mostly all about how the women feel, how they want the other women to feel, and how they want the audience at home to feel – feelings are everything.

Feelings can be manipulated.

Here’s one example, called the ‘freeze out’. If a woman after a few dates has got you back to her bedroom and you’re fooling around but she says she doesn’t want to go any further, apparently, freezing the person out by turning on the lights, checking your email and ignoring her can force her to come back to the table so to speak but withdrawing all the good emotions she was feeling before, so she wants the, back. A similar example exists in life – maybe you are offering to help someone but they are in a mood or a slump and you keep offering them more assistance but they stubbornly refuse, even though you’re sure they might want the help. After a few refusals you snap and say ‘fine then, I’ll have it’ and give yourself what you were offering them. Then they realise sharply what they’ve missed out on. This is an emotional manipulation, but where the ethics lie is up to you to decide – parents do this with their children as a matter of course. Children do it to parents every day 🙂

Develop your own mind controlling superpowers and use them to get the girls you want to do the things you want to do. Just remember, if you are performing and manipulating then you will have to continue to do so indefinately otherwise your powers will cease, so this is best used effectively for short term needs where there is little downside. But morally you may have to question your motives, your values and your impact. Much love!